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It takes a village to write a blurb...

I'm not going to say that writing a book is easy. In fact, it can be painful...characters that refuse to listen to you, plots that you swore were going somewhere, commas...oh, the commas. But nothing is harder than writing the blurb. Sure, I can come up with 80,000 to 100,000 words to tell a story, but asking me to cut that down to a 200 word summary? Forget it! I'd rather hide in a corner with some cookies. Why can't I just tell my readers, go buy it, you'll love it? Trust me.

But Last Call will be out in exactly a month...holy crap, how did that I better get cracking on this blurb.

So I enlisted the help of my other author friends. Let's all be miserable in this blurb writing village. And Aven Ellis, blurb queen, and amazing sweet romance author (seriously, go check her out!), came through...after harping on me about my theme, of course. Theme? I never think about that stuff. I just write the book and hope it shows up! I'm reconsidering that stance. But luckily, with minimal pain, we figured out my theme and crafted a great blurb. Well, I think it's great. You could think it's crap. If that's the case, go back up to the first paragraph..."go buy it, you'll love it. Trust me!"

So here it is!

Lily Pierson’s life has been turned upside down. Now a single-mother raising her seven-year-old twins, and stuck in a long and painful divorce, she’s ready to move forward, but fear holds her back. She should be focusing on getting her life back on track, on avoiding distractions, but she can’t stop thinking about Adam. A boy she grew up with, the lifelong family friend who’s been absent recently. But he won’t leave her thoughts, nor will the kiss they shared when they were kids. A kiss he doesn’t remember. Adam Byrne’s life is finally where it should be. After an injury took away his dream of playing professional hockey, and his father passed away, Adam found himself running the family bar. Happy in his new role, Adam is content with his life and decides to expand the business. He’s been avoiding Lily, but she’s the best realtor in town, so he enlists her help, knowing that the more time they spend together, the harder it will be to fight what’s between them. Can Lily truly let go and give love another chance? Can Adam find happiness with the woman who has been there all along? Could this be their Last Call for love?

I hope you love it and I promise to post my gorgeous cover in the next week. Now, hop on over to Goodreads and add Last Call to your TBR!

You will fall in love with Adam and Lily! That I can promise.

Happy Reading and sign up for my newsletter to never miss an update!

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