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But it's such a pretty nook...

We moved into our new house last month and we have huge closets in the bedrooms, so I was determined to fit all my clothes in one and turn the other into a writing cave/reading nook. Don't ask to see pics of the other's a bit full! So I picked the color I wanted...Romantic Poetry...totally fitting for a romance writer. I scoured the Earth for the perfect chair, small desk, and lighting. I made my own art with Canva...don't's an obsession that I have no desire to cure. And I made the perfect nook.

Look how cute it is!

Here's the problem...I can't write in there...wait for it...there's too much stuff on the walls and it's distracting! Yes, I know I put the stuff on the walls! And it smells like paint. And it's hot...because it's a closet and it's summer!

Totally lame excuse after lame excuse, and I'll use it eventually, but here is sits...empty...paint-fumey.

And I'm writing on a lap desk on my couch in the basement...where it's not pretty and the walls are not filled with encouraging statements about love and there isn't a bulletin board with my character ARCs and plot points.

But I'm writing...over 10,000 words a week in between the day job and family visits and everything else that stops a writer from getting their words in. Because this is what I love to do and it doesn't matter if you have the perfect writing spot or the perfect temperature in your room. All that matters is getting the words on the page and bringing your characters to life.

So write on! Wherever you are.

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