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"Dessert will always fix a bad date."

Lexi Wells has been searching for her perfect match online. Not that he needs to be perfect. Just someone who she can hold a conversation with, who will give her mind-blowing orgasms, maintain a steady job, and fall in love with her six-year-old daughter. Why is that so damn impossible?

Grant Parker isn’t looking for forever, at least not yet. He’s moving in a few months for his final four years with the Coast Guard, and then he’ll think about settling down. Now is not the right time for happily ever after, much to his family’s frustration.

Then he rescues Lexi from a horrible date. Over chocolate lava cake they decide to have some fun before he leaves. Where’s the harm in two consenting adults enjoying dessert and each other for the next few months?

They’re just scratching an itch until he leaves, so why does it feel like so much more?

Opening Excerpt

Lexi Wells took a fortifying gulp of wine. Okay, it was more like she shotgunned half the glass, but who was keeping track anyway? Buzzy warmth spread through her body, and she instantly regretted skipping lunch. The granola bar she’d inhaled a few hours ago did nothing to soak up the booze. She swore she’d sip her next glass.

Lexi glanced around the trendy wine bar. Desperately Seeking Desperate should’ve been the tag line for tonight’s event. She’d attended a few of these local cocktail parties that eMatch had set up, and while it wasn’t as bad as speed dating, it was still awkward. Some people were mingling, but there were also large clusters of same-sex groups, like a junior high dance. Online dating was torturous, and interacting with real live people, when you stepped away from the computer screen, was daunting. At least she knew the wine would be stellar, unlike the last event where the booze had been cheap and the mechanical bull in the corner of the bar had taunted her to relive her college days. She shuddered. No thanks.

So, here she was—looking pretty hot, if she did say so herself—in a deep purple wrap dress and mile-high strappy heels that always gave her a boost of confidence, ready to meet other singles. Her cousin had found love online, so how hard could it be?

But that was over two years ago…

Well, it was fucking hard, and not in a good way. She needed to get good and laid—repeatedly—according to her friend, Amanda. She sighed. The last time she’d had sex had been with her ex-husband, and they’d been divorced for almost four years. Wow. Maybe she should listen to Amanda. Was it possible for her virginity to grow back? She looked down, expecting to see a sign saying, “Closed due to lack of interest.”

Not that she hadn’t had some offers, but she wasn’t going to sleep with just anyone. When they said trolling the Internet, they meant it, and there were a lot of trolls she stumbled across in her search for the perfect man.

Not that he had to be perfect. Just someone she was attracted to, who she could hold a conversation with, who could give her mind-blowing orgasms, hold a steady job, and fall in love with her six-year-old daughter. Was that impossible?

She’d been tempted to make that her bio, but her friend Penny had warned her that if she put the word “orgasm” in her dating profile, she’d probably attract the wrong kind of guy. Who was she kidding, even without that word she didn’t seem to be attracting the right kind.

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