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They probably should've discussed their jobs before jumping into bed together...

Rylie Malone might’ve gotten her new job with the San Francisco Strikers because of her dad, but she worked hard for her degree and is determined to prove her worth. But on her first day she discovers that the guy she had a casual hookup with the week before is a newly traded player to the team. There’s probably a rule against that in the handbook.

Desmond Lachley, the Strikers’ newest defenseman, is still nursing wounds from his ex and is ready to start fresh in a new city with a new team. He was a fool for love once, but never again. A one-night-stand with a stunning stranger suits him just fine. He never expected to run into her again. Or that she’d be his coach’s daughter.

Rylie’s determined to do her job, but how can she resist Desmond’s moves both on and off the ice? Desmond knows he should focus on the game, not the girl. Falling for the coach’s daughter would be a world-class rookie move, sure to land him in the penalty box, but Rylie skates past all his defenses. Can breaking all the rules lead to a lifetime of love?

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