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Can a sugar-adverse grumpy hockey player win a sweet and sassy baker's heart?

Anna Martin has awesome friends and a successful bakery, but her life imploded when her fiancé ran off with his dental hygienist. She's over it, but the last thing she wants is a relationship. When her besties buy her a date with Santa at the Stampede charity auction, she agrees to go. It's ice skating and hot cocoa, for a good cause. Plus she'll never turn down chocolate.

Nick St. John, annoyingly referred to as Santa by his teammates, is anything but jolly. He's far more bitter than sweet---he even hates sugar. He has no time for dates or anything else that isn't hockey.

Their charity date is a disaster, so why can't Nick get Anna off his mind? He remembers what a wreck he was when his ex called things off. He's kept his heart on ice for eight long years, but the only things Anna's icing are baked goods. She's...happy. And her warmth, her intoxicating smile---everything about her has him melting in every possible way.

He's falling for her. She wants him. Will they risk their hearts and give in to love or will they freeze each other out?

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