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What if falling for my best friend is the best Christmas gift ever?

Harper Cameron's life is a mess. Her temp job just ended and now her boyfriend's dumped her a week and a half before Christmas. In desperate need of cheering up, she heads to a hockey game. The Denver Stampede is the visiting team and her childhood best friend is one of their top defensemen. Their relationship has been strained recently, but her mood instantly lifts when he spots her in the stands and flashes his signature boyish grin.

Connor Horton has everything he's ever wanted---great teammates, an awesome condo, and the best friend a guy could ask for. So great that even though he's carried a torch for her since high school, he's never been willing to risk their friendship. When they catch up after the game, he knows he’s not ready to let her go, and invites her to come back to Denver with him until the holiday break.

Ten days away from her life in Edmonton is exactly what Harper needs. But ten days in close quarters with Connor stirs up more than she bargained for and it hits her that she has feelings for her bestie that have nothing to do with friendship. He's always been her rock. Now she's wondering if he could be a whole lot more.

Will this destroy their lifelong friendship or will they finally find their way home to love?

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