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Will they go all-in when their fake relationship turns into love?

All Darcy Collins wants is to focus on finishing her master’s degree. She doesn’t have the time to get involved with anyone. But her meddling mother is persistent in her unwanted matchmaking for Darcy. When her mother tries once again to set her up on a date, Darcy tells her she’s already seeing the San Francisco Strikers' latest handsome hockey star, Jake Northman. Her mother doesn’t have to know they’d only met last week and had gotten off to a rocky start.

Traded to the San Francisco Strikers after a terrible season and off ice antics with his old team in New York, Jake’s out to prove he’s reformed his ways and is all-in with his new team. Dating a good girl might go a long way toward proving he’s trying to shed his bad-boy reputation. Besides, the long-legged sexy brunette is certainly easy on the eyes.

Jake’s happy to go along with the hoax, but when things start to heat up between them, will they go all in to turn a fake romance into true love?

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