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How do you know if it's the right risk to take?

Sara Randolph is head chef in a bar frequented by the San Francisco Strikers hockey team. With her history of having her heart broken by athletes, she really should be avoiding them. They’re her Kryptonite, and left winger Colin O’Sullivan is at the top of the No Touch List, in spite of his delicious flirtations.

Colin “Sully” O'Sullivan is tired of being second best. His home team took the Stanley Cup the year after he was traded to San Francisco. He’s been on the top line on the Strikers for a few years and now his spot is in question. But when the ginger-haired jokester lands a night in the arms of Sara, he thinks his luck is finally changing. Until she tells him it was all a terrible mistake.

Sara can’t believe she let herself get carried away with Sully. He’s an athlete. A player in all variations of the word. Been there. Done that. Never again. But there’s no denying their attraction is hot enough to melt all the ice in the arena. When it comes to a faceoff between them, are they willing to own up to the truth about how they really feel about each other?

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