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He's been the bane of my existence since the day we met, so how did I wind up wearing his ring?

Charlie Jones is living her dream as the drummer for Steelwolf, one of the top rock bands in the country. But as the newest member of the band, and a woman, the scrutiny is endless. Steelwolf has had more than enough drama over the years and she's not planning to add to it, so she focuses solely on her career, pouring her heart into every beat.

Josh Harrison has everything he's ever wanted. He's been Steelwolf's manager since the beginning and they've been through it all. But he epically screwed up a few months ago. To get back in the band's good graces, he's agreed to do whatever they want, including being their lackey for the rest of the tour. Which means he'll be on a bus with the woman who's gotten under his skin since she walked into the studio two years ago.

She thinks he sees her as a gimmick to sell albums. His cockiness grates on her nerves. He thinks she's amazing. He craves her. But he has one rule: no hooking up with musicians, especially not a client. Now---somehow---she's in his bed, in Vegas, with a ring on her finger. And she's agreeing to stay married to him until the end of the tour.

When their fake marriage starts to look---and feel---all too real, Charlie must decide. Will she listen to her head and run? Or has the man who drives her crazy finally snared her heart?

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