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The best of friends, but nothing more. Until now...

Graphic designer Maddie Lanzi is still figuring out her life. Her freelance business is up and sort of running, but something is missing---her best friend. The only constant in her life since birth. Inseparable. Until a year ago.

Pastry chef Marco Marchetti has spent the last year in Paris honing his skill with all things chocolate. Life is good. The only thing that could make it better is having his best friend Maddie by his side. Now he’s heading stateside to make truffles for her brother’s wedding. He’s excited to see his family, but all he really wants is to hang with Maddie. They're even rooming together, just like when they were kids.

When a hotel mix-up turns two queen beds into one massive king-size, he's seeing his best friend in a whole new light. Will a weekend of passion turn into a lifetime together or will Marco be heading back to Paris alone?

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